• General translation: books, websites, articles or any other type of text in electronic or paper format whose purpose is informative.
    • Medical translation: papers, professional material, informed consents, summary of product characteristics, patient brochures and information booklets, leaflets and textbooks, among others.
    • Leisure and tourism translation: brochures, leaflets, websites, posters and books.
    • Company management and administration translation: presentations for the process of onboarding new employees, letters for clients, information forms, etc.


    • Liaison interpreting: in congresses, conferences and chats in the field of international trade (trade of products and goods, offer and introduction of new services internationally…).

Correction and editing in Spanish

    • Correction: spelling and style.
    • Editing: (formal and informal) letters writing, drafting journalistic articles and posts for blogs… always paying attention to the style and purpose of every single text.

Proofreading in Spanish

Translation services normally include proofreading; however, in certain specific cases, you may require an external proofreading by another translator (EN-15038 European Quality Standard for Translation Services).

In case you need this service, do not hesitate to ask for it.

What is the methodology I apply in every single project?

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