Freelance translator

About me

I devote my energies to build bridges among languages and cultures and to make comprehension and communication easier in different languages: English, French and Spanish.

I completed my degree in Translation and Interpreting in the Universidad de Córdoba, Spain, in 2013. Since then, I have been trying to see what field(s) I wanted to specialise in. When I came back from England, where I spent a year working as a Spanish language assistant, I tried to combine both translation and teaching, while I specialised myself in medical translation by completing a postgraduate course (master) in the Universitat Jaume I de Castellón, Spain (2016). This education allowed me to do my internship in an important medical and scientific company: Editorial Médica Panamericana.

Nevertheless, I have also tried to continue with my education in other fields and to learn daily from my work with my clients and colleagues (I am a member of the Spanish Association of Translators, Proofreaders and Interpreters – Asetrad).

In fact, I have taken some specialisation courses on medical terminology, correction, medical protocols and other fields.

Although my main specialisation areas are medicine and psychology, I also offer my services of translation and correction in other fields such as tourism, trade or education.

As it is said…

Why should you choose me for your project?
I consider myself as…



I only accept to work on those projects I feel I am qualified on. In case I am not qualified, I will try to recommend another translator to the client.

Thorough with details:

I love to take care of any minimum detail of every single project, keeping a direct and constant communication with the client

Aware of your needs:

In the current world, we really appreciate a good customers' service as this adds quality to work. Thus, I am really interested in knowing more about my clients' wishes.

Accurate in every work:

I try to translate faithfully not only the content but also the communicative purpose and function of every single text. I thoroughly proofread all the texts to make sure there are no mistakes, it is homogenous and the work meets the clients' expectations.

Always available:

You can contact me on the phone or via e-mail at any time you need it.